Hotel Accomodation

All our rooms have indoor bathrooms, air conditioner, TV and Wi-fi connection with a buffet breakfast is included.

Budget Room ~ No twin

Double room available

$15 TZS 30,000 /night

Basic Room

Twin and Double rooms available

$20 TZS 40,000 /night

Standard Room

Twin and Double rooms available

$25 TZS 50,000 /night

Executive Room

Family suites available

$30 TZS 60,000 /night

Our Facilities

You probably will be extremely in love with our eco friendly system.


We provide quality rooms, the best in the region. This comes with a free buffet breakfast.


Your welcome to have a dining experience from any of our hotels, we serve local and international dishes.

Inspiring Gardens

Feel free to get a view of our gardens and actually spend some quality time around them during your stay.

Special Events

We have special venues to accommodate different events ranging from Meetings to Weddings.


A lounge and bar with friendly service for drinks, day and night made available to you.

Town tour

A tour guide at your request to tour the region and show you the places around.

About Us
Our History
Mission & Vision

Stanley Group of Hotels started as one hotel, Stanley Motel Singida, 1992, and even then was the best hotel in the region. Currently there are 4 more hotels and counting.

We strive for a perfect for official meal, large parties and wedding functions. The Bamboo Garden Barbecue Restaurant and playground for children encourages family weekend outings.

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Testimonial from our Clients

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Our Hotels

We have four comfortable hotels, we welcome you to pick any during your stay in Singida.


Stanley Motel Singida

Our first hotel, located in the middle of the town on the Arusha road, majengo street. It is very well known in the area, you can't miss it on your way there


Aqua Vitae Resort

The first resort from the sister hotels complete in every way, located on the road to Mwanza sabasaba street. It is very well known in the area you can't miss it on your way there .


Stanley Motel Annex

An annex to the original Stanley Motel Singida located on the mwanza road, bomani street. Every bit as good as Stanley Motel Singida, come visit and see our latest Stanley Motel.


Manga Resort

Manga resort is the latest and by far the biggest of our resort, located on the way to Mwanza after the weigh bridge. It covers a very large area and is still a work in progress.